Wanda  'A True Believer'.

My first scheduled appointment with Pam was amazing!  I have struggled with sweet food addiction for the past 20years.  My first appointment was April 1st of 2015.  I could tell after my first session that it was the help I needed to get my eating under control.  Hypnosis has been a wonderful and helpful tool towards controlling my cravings for unhealthy snack foods.  I have lost a significant amount of weight in just a short span of time with no cravings since the hypnosis session.  I am so glad that I found Pam and hope this gives other over eaters encouragement to try hypnosis.  It works!  Thanks Pam!

Laurie Morrill Cates

Joi- thank you so much for helping me change my eating habits.Being on the road and in my car most of the day it is so easy just to pull into a fast food place or grab a bag of chips and a soda but you have really encouraged me, gave me suggestions and last week was Awesome. My new favorite car lunch, cucumber, ham, Havarti dill sandwich. (of course the cuke is the bread) Only one diet pepsi and for me that is a huge accomplishment.

Jason Simpson

Thank you Joi... Never thought I would be able to put down the nasty habit... Thanks to you and hypnotherapy I have broken free from the chains of nicotine. 5 weeks and counting!!!!

Melody Porter

That was the most amazing experience! Took me to my best relaxation spot. My sleep according to my fit bit averages 3-3.5 hours over an 8 hour period. I checked it this morning and I slept 7.5 hours over a 9 hour period. That's after one session. I was nervous at first, but I can't believe how incredible this experience was. I'm going back for more!!